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inVia Raman microscopes are high-sensitivity systems with integrated research grade microscopes, enabling high resolution confocal measurements.

inVia Raman microscopes support multiple lasers, with automatic software switching of excitation wavelength.

With a comprehensive range of Rayleigh filter options, and motorised switching, it's easy to configure the system to suit your analytical needs.


"Up to 3 multi-line lasers on a standard baseplate. Capacity for more lasers on a laser table"

UV to NIR wavelength range

"From 229 nm to 1064 nm. More than 20 laser wavelengths fully supported"

Low frequency Raman

"Measure the Raman signal from 10 cm-1 with NExT"

Combined techniques

"Raman with SEM, CLSM and SPM techniques"


"You choose the level of automation to suit your needs"

StreamLine™ Plus Raman imaging

"Fast and flexible Raman imaging system - macro and micro capabilities"


"Patented, artefact-free, for low noise complete range Raman and photoluminescence"

Microscope options

"A range of upright, inverted, and free-space options as standard"


"Support for up to 4 detectors mounted simultaneously: CCD, InGaAs point and array, APD, PMT and others"

Laser safety compliance

"Class 1 and 3B options"

A range of imaging options

"Point, rapid line focus and StreamLine™ Plus for spectral imaging. Global Raman imaging"

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