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2011 Selective Trace Analysis of Mercury (II) Ions in Aqueous Media Using SERS... file

저널명 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 32, 2003-2007 (2011). 

저자 Chankil Lee and Jaebum Choo* 


2011 Ultrafast Surface Enhanced Resonance Raman Scattering Detection in Droplet... file

저널명 Analytical Chemistry, 83, 3076-3081 (2011). 

저자 Michael P. Cecchini, Jongin Hong, Chaesung Lim, Jaebum Choo, Tim Albrecht, Andrew J. deMello, and Joshua B. Edel* 


2011 Application of Silver-Coated Magnetic Microspheres to a SERS-Based Optofluid... file

저널명 The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115, 6290-6296 (2011). 

저자 Byunghee Han, Namhyun Choi, Ki Hyung Kim, Dong Woo Lim, Jaebum Choo* 


2011 Enzyme kinetic measurements using a droplet-based microfluidic system with a con... file

저널명 Analytical Chemistry, 83, 1603-1608 (2011). 

저자 Minh-Phuong Ngoc Bui, Cheng Ai Li, Kwi Nam Han, Jaebum Choo, Eun Kyu Lee and Gi Hun Seong* 


2011 Pt nanoparticle-supported multiwall carbon nanotube electrodes for amperometric... file

저널명 Sensors and Actuators B, 155, 191-198 (2011). 

저자 Duc-Duong La, Chi Kwan Kim, Tae Sun Juna, Yongju Jungb, Gi Hun Seong, Jaebum Choo, Yong Shin Kim* 


2011 Pep-1 Peptide-Modified Liposomal Carriers for Intracellular Delivery of Gold... file

저널명 Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 59, 109-112 (2011). 

저자 M. J. Kang, S. Lee, B. K. Kim, J. Y. Eum, S. H. Park, M. H. Kang, C. H. Oh, J. Choo* and Y. W. Choi* 


2011 Au Nanowire-on-Film SERRS Sensor for Ultrasensitive Hg2+ Detection file

저널명 Chemistry - A European Journal, 17, 2211-2214 (2011). 

저자 Taejoon Kang, Seung Min Yoo, Ilsun Yoon, Sangyeop Lee, Jaebum Choo, Sang Yup Lee and Bongsoo Kim* 


2011 Polymorph-tuned Synthesis of a- and b-Bi2O3 Nanowires and Determination of ... file

저널명 Chemistry - A European Journal, 17, 1304-1309 (2011). 

저자 Juneho In, Ilsun Yoon, Kwanyong Seo, Jeunghee Park, Jaebum Choo, Yonghoon Lee* and Bongsoo Kim* 


2011 Highly reproducible immunoassay of cancer markers on a gold-patterned microarray ... file

저널명 Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 26, 2135–2141 (2011). 

저자 Moonkwon Lee, Sangyeop Lee, Jung-hwan lee, Hyun-woo Lim, Gi Hun Seong, Eun Kyu Lee, Soo-Ik Chang, Chil Hwan Oh, Jaebum Choo* 


2010 Highly sensitive trace analysis of paraquat using a surface-enhanced Raman scatte... file

저널명 Analytica Chimica Acta, 681, 87-91 (2010). 

저자 Rongke Gao, Namhyun Choi, Soo-Ik Chang, Seong Ho Kang, Joon Myong Song, Seong In Cho, Dong Woo Lim and Jaebum Choo* 


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