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2017 Biomedical Applications of SERS Spectroscopy

저널명 In “Frontiers and Advances in Molecular Spectroscopy“, Book Chapter 9 (2017), Elsevier. 

저자 Rui Wang, Hyangah Chon, Sangyeop Lee, Juhui Ko, Joonki Hwang, Namhyun Choi, Ziyi Cheng, Xiaokun Wang and Jaebum Choo* 

기타사항 Book Chapter 

2017 Surfactant-Free Vapor-Phase Synthesis of Single-crystalline Gold Nanoplates fo...

저널명 Chemistry of Materials, in press. 

저자 Y. Yoo, H. Lee, H. Lee, M. Lee, S. Yang, A. Hwang, S. Kim, J. Y. Park, J. Choo, T. Kang* and B Kim* 


2017 An integrated SERS-based microdroplet platform for the automated immunoassay of... file

저널명 Analytical Chemistry, 89, 8413-8420 (2017) 

저자 Namhyun Choi, Jiyoung Lee, Juhui Ko, Jun Ho Jeon, Gi-eun Rhie, Andrew deMello* and Jaebum Choo* 


2018 Nanoscale graphene oxide-induced metallic nanoparticle clustering for SERS-bas... file

저널명 Sensors & Actuators B, 255, 183-192 (2018) 

저자 Ahmed Ali, Eun Young Hwang, Jaebum Choo and Dong Woo Lim* 


2017 Analysis of ribonuclease activity in sub-nanoliter droplets by label-free fluo... file

저널명 Analyst, 142, 2610-2616 (2017) 

저자 Jae-Won Choi, Bala M. K. Vasamsetti, Kyu-Wan Kim, Seung Hwan Seo, Dong-Hun Lee, Soo-Ik Chang, Jaebum Choo* and Hak Yong Kim* 


2017 SERS-based genetic assay for amplification-free detection of prostate cancer ... file

저널명 Sensors & Actuators B, 251, 302-309 (2017) 

저자 Jimin Yu, Jinhyeok Jeon, Namhyun Choi, Jin Oh Lee, Young-Pil Kim and Jaebum Choo* 


2017 Simultaneous detection of dual prostate specific antigens using SERS-based immun... file

저널명 ACS Nano, 11, 4926-4933 (2017) 

저자 Ziyi Cheng, Namhyun Choi, Rui Wang, Sangyeop Lee, Kyung Chul Moon, Soo-Young Yoon, Lingxin Chen* and Jaebum Choo* 


2017 From single-molecule detection to next-generation sequencing: microfluidic dro... file

저널명 Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 21:58 (2017) 

저자 Yun Ding, Jaebum Choo and Andrew deMello* 


2017 Fluorescent chemical probes for accurate tumor diagnosis and targeting therapy file

저널명 Chemical Society Reviews, 46, 2237-2271 (2017) 

저자 Min Gao, Fabiao Yu*, Changjun Lv, Jaebum Choo* and Lingxin Chen* 


2017 Quantum Dot–based Molecularly Imprinted Polymers on Three-Dimensional Origami ... file

저널명 ACS Sensors, 2, 243-250 (2017) 

저자 Bowei Li, Zhong Zhang, Ji Qi, Na Zhou, Song Qin, Jaebum Choo* and Lingxin Chen* 


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