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제목 저널명 저자 기타사항

2019 Direct Visualization of a Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Nano-Gap via E...

저널명 Applied Surface Science, in press. 

저자 Won-Hwa Park*, Sung-Gyu Park, Mijeong Kang, Moon Seop Hyun, Namhyun Choi, Dong-Ho Kim* and Jaebum Choo* 


2019 Application of SERS-based Microfluidics for In Vitro Diagnostics

저널명 In “Medical and Biological Applications Using Microfluidic Devices”, Book Chapter 9 (2018) in press, Springer. 

저자 Jinhyeok Jeon, Namhyun Choi, Joung-il Moon, Hao Chen and Jaebum Choo* 

기타사항 Book Chapter 

2019 Green multi-functional monomer based ion imprinted polymers for selective rem...

저널명 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, in press. 

저자 L. Wang, J. Lia, J. Wang, X. Guo, X. Wang, J. Choo* and L. Chen* 


2019 SERS-based droplet microfluidics for high throughput gradient analysis file

저널명 Lab on a Chip, 19, 674-681 (2019) 

저자 J. Jeon, N. Choi, H. Chen, J. -I. Moon, L. Chen* and J. Choo* 


2019 High-throughput Microfluidic Imaging Flow Cytometry file

저널명 Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 55, 36-43 (2019) 

저자 Stavros Stavrakis, Gregor Holzner, Jaebum Choo* and Andrew deMello* 


2019 Modification of Phage Display Technique for Improved Screening of High-Aff...

저널명 Journal of Biotechnology, 289, 88-92 (2019) 

저자 Soi Yun, Sangah Lee, Jaebum Choo* and E. K. Lee* 


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