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제목 저널명 저자 기타사항

2019 SERS-based droplet microfluidics for high throughput gradient analysis

저널명 Lab Chip, in press. 

저자 J. Jeon, N. Choi, H. Chen, J. -I. Moon, L. Chen* and J. Choo* 


2019 High-throughput Microfluidic Imaging Flow Cytometry file

저널명 Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 55, 36-43 (2019) 

저자 Stavros Stavrakis, Gregor Holzner, Jaebum Choo* and Andrew deMello* 


2019 Modification of Phage Display Technique for Improved Screening of High-Aff...

저널명 Journal of Biotechnology, 289, 88-92 (2019) 

저자 Soi Yun, Sangah Lee, Jaebum Choo* and E. K. Lee* 


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